Did you know that the human body should be looked at artistically when it comes to liposuction procedures?  An anesthetically pleasing appearance to the ideal human figure involves curves and shadows and muscular definition.  Most liposuction trained physicians are unaware of these artistic anatomical delineations and because of that, their results are not the best they can be.  I have taken these specialized courses and individualized training to obtain these results and the results at our facility are reflected in the final product.  The liposuction that I perform at Elite Beauty Medical Aesthetics in Toledo Ohio is considered 3D High Definition Liposuction because of the intricate detail and the ability to “sculpt” the body, not just remove fat and send patients on their way. 

The extensive training for 3D high definition liposuction involved using specialized lighting to look for the appropriate shadows, hands on clay model work to visualize in our mind’s eye how the muscle definition looks and feels, how the curvatures of the body should be, and also involved cadaver work to take the learned clay model training to an actual body so that we could replicate the results on an actual human torso.  Also, I have had one on one training with top physicians (the same ones that do celebrity plastic surgeries in Hollywood, Miami, etc.)  who trained me in how to actually get the results that were obtained with the lab and cadaver torso.  This is the specialized training we obtain and promote at Elite Beauty Medical Aesthetics and the expertise you can expect when you come for your liposuction procedure.  3D High Definition Liposuction is a great option for someone looking to truly transform their body!  At Elite Beauty Medical Aesthetics, our consultations are completely free to determine if you’re a candidate for the procedure, contact us to schedule today!  Hope to see you soon.

Dr. Jack Siebenaler, MD