Elite Beauty Toledo Offers Cell Enriched Fat Transfer

As we age, we lose fat from our face and hands. We also tend to accumulate fatty deposits in areas that we don’t want such as the stomach, thighs, arms, chin and back.

Do you feel like aging has affected your face? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions but are not interested in a face lift or plastic surgery, then cell enriched  fat transfer from Elite Beauty Toledo is for you. Cell enriched fat transfer is a procedure in which a patient’s own body fat is used to augment sunken or thin regions of the face in order to add volume where it is desired.

Cell enriched fat transfer is a procedure where excess fat is removed from a particular region of the body, split into 2 batches: one for isolation of regenerative cells and one for enriching. The batch for cell isolation will go through our Ultrasonic cavitation regenerative cell extraction process to extract the regenerative cell population to be used for enrichment. This cell population will be mixed with the remaining batch of harvested fat ready for injection. This type of fat transfer has such applications as:

· Filling in forehead wrinkles and laugh lines
· Filling sunken areas under the eyes
· Cheek or chin augmentation
· Smoothing lines in the face
· Lip augmentation

Why enrich the fat with additional stem cells?

The cells are essential to keep the fat health and increase survival rate. The cells promote vascularization (new blood vessels) for the fat graft, brining vital nutrients to help the survival of the transplanted fat. In addition to helping the fat cells to incorporate into the injected area, they preserve tissue volume by forming new fats cells, also they create/stimulate fibroblasts activity/migration for more collagen production.

Additionally, cell enriched fat also decreases known adverse effects of a standard fat injection such as formation of fibrosis, pseudo cyst and calcification.

The Procedure

Autologous Cell enriched fat transfer is an incision-less procedure that requires no cutting or suturing of the skin. Fat is removed under local tumescent anesthesia. The fat is harvested using a mini-lipo suction procedure. The fat is the treated to remove excess fluid and damaged fat cells. A portion of the fat has the regenerative cells isolated from it and then added back to the fat that is to be injected. The cell enriched fat is then transferred into small syringes that are used to implant the fat at the treatment site using a small cannula. A cannula is a hollow needle with a blunt, soft tip that allows the physician to inject the cell enriched fat without harming the facial tissue.

The Benefits

· Procedure can be performed under local anesthesia
· No cutting or stitches
· Utilizes patients own fat and regenerative cells
· Minimal risk of complications
· Minimal recovery time
· Natural looking results
· Improves skin appearance
· Regenerates and heals tissue
· Improves blood flow to area
· Long lasting results
· No foreign materials implanted, so there is no risk of allergic reactions