Elite Beauty Toledo performs Tickle Liposuction under ULTRASOUND!  Using ultrasound technology increases doctors’ accuracy, can show you the amount of fat you are expected to lose, allows for precise sculpting and extreme skin tightening!

This breakthrough Liposuction Procedure Has You Back To Work In 1 Day, With Less Pain And Faster Results!

Less Painful

Infrasonic vibration interferes with your brain’s pain receptors which suppresses or blocks pain entirely, and feels like being tickled.

Faster Recovery

A unique “triple movement” cannula removes fat without causing trauma to the rest of your body so life is back to normal in days, not weeks.

Local Anesthesia

Safer than general anesthesia, you’re awake for the procedure so you can talk with your surgeon and maintain control of your body.

Less Bruising, Less Swelling

Body fat is gently removed using a special cannula that does not burn or cut and stops when non-fatty tissue is touched, reducing trauma while improving fat removal.

Even Skin Tightening And Toning

The fibrous network and non-fatty tissue under the skin are preserved while improved fat removal uniformity provides excellent skin retraction and flat, smooth skin.

Treat Any Zone On Your Body

Remove stubborn body fat from one or more areas at the same time, including difficult or delicate spots that require extra special care.

Precise Body Contouring

The body is sculpted with precision to the desired shape and size, removing all types of fat, including fibrous, more effectively.

The procedure is actually a nickname for a procedure called Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture or NIL. The name comes from the tickling sensation that many people experience during the procedure. The procedure was actually developed in Europe, and it is starting to become more widely available in western countries thanks to technology. It is quite similar to traditional liposuction.

The surgeon will make small incisions in certain areas of your body. However, local anesthesia is used and applied through the tickle lipo cannula. Once the area is numb, a tickle lipo vibrating cannula is used to dislodge the fat and remove it.

The greatest advantage is that it is designed to minimize any damage done to the other blood vessels, cells, and soft tissues in the area. The technology does not generate any heat nor does it target not-fatty tissue. The system is designed with a safety feature that shuts off when anything but fat is encountered. Consequently, the area around the fatty deposits is left untouched and this cuts down on bruising, swelling, and bleeding. As the cannula moves and vibrates, it also acts as a pain blocker because it can deliver anesthesia at the same time.

The process also allows for the more precise surgical sculpting of your body because the cannula has greater maneuverability. The procedure is safe, relatively simple, and patients do not have to be put under to have it done.

Tickle liposuction is an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction procedures. The procedure uses infrasonic vibrations to dislodge and remove fat and this technology cuts down on the damage done to your body.  Overall, you get a nicely sculpted body without stubborn fat deposits on places like your abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs.

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